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Globe Stick


Selfie Stick [GLOBE STICK]: Premium Quality Wired Mini Stick With Built-In Remote Shutter


Capture the best moment of your life

PREMIUM QUALITY Wired selfie stick with built-in remote shutter. Cool and sturdy design. Special plastic holder, perfect grip. Lightweight. Eco Friendly Packaging.

CLICK BY CLICK Phone holder, adjustable click by click, no need to find the right position and tighten the screw. Special plastic holder, perfect grip. Universal phone holder.

PLUG-AND-PLAY for iOS > 5.1 and Android > 4.3. Bluetooth is good, wired is better. No Bluetooth pairing needed. Just plug the cable into the audio port of your phone, turn photo mode on, and get ready to take photos with the accessible handle button. Never miss the special moment.

POCKET VERSION, easy to put in your bag or in your pocket. Have fun with your family, children, and friends by taking awesome photos together.

LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Buy now with peace of mind due to the Case&More guarantee. The warranty applies only to the authorized seller Case&More-Store; everyone else selling this product as 'New' is a fraud.

Introducing The New, High Quality Mini Wired Selfie Stick By Case&More: Capture The Most Precious Moments Of Your Life!

Now you can take perfect photos and shoot videos of you, your friends and family anywhere, anytime with Globe Stick. A revolutionizing selfie stick that offers unmatched convenience as it doesn’t need charging, bluetooth connectivity or any kind of software!

The Globe Stick was designed with practicality and efficiency in mind. As a result, it’s the most reliable monopod selfie stick you could ever use, as it allows for capturing photos and videos without any hassle!


Thanks to the incredibly convenient, UNIQUE and easy to adjust “click-by-click” system the Globe Stick allows for adjusting the angle and shooting distance effortlessly!

This Mini Wired Selfie Stick Has BEEN LOVED By Anyone Who Has Ever Used It:

It boasts the highest durability and quality on the market. All our products are made upon the highest quality standards to ensure their unmatched quality and top-notch performance!

Because of that, they are backed up by an 100% Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident that you will also be delighted with Globe Stick, that we will refund every penny if you aren’t!

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