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iPhone Armband by U-XPand

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for a better Sport Experience

Introducing the


Universal Armband


Have you often thought about where to put your smartphone whilst you’re running?


In your hand, there is movement limitation, a risk of dropping the device and exposing it to environmental damage. In a pocket of your running shorts, it is uncomfortable, awkward and subject to bouncing around. In a running band, too annoying and unsightly.


The best solution is the U-xpand running band; extremely practical, comfortable, and resistant to environmental damage.


When you are running or doing physical exercise or even work that requires freedom of movement and effort, there is nothing worse than having a heavy armband dangling from your elbow like a sleeping sloth.

Sport Armband, for running, trekking, physical activity, compatible for Smartphones, iPhone 6/6s, Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5.

With a pocket for documents and a key to insert


Light and ultra-thin

Anti-allergic materials

Anti-slip, breathable


Modern and attractive design.

U-xpand resolves this annoying and unbearable inconvenience with its new sport armband, thanks to its shape and the materials specially designed to be always at the bicep part of the arm.


This puts less strain and pressure on the arm, unlike other armbands of a lower quality.


U-Xpand sport armband is probably the best sport armband on the global market.


Do not wait any longer to buy it, and think of the NinjArm as the perfect gift to give to your favourite sports partner.


Total concentration with a better and more enriching fitness experience


  • Extremely versatile for all types of sport, from running to cycling, mountain biking, trekking, canoeing, wall climbing, extreme sports, horse riding, fitness, work, construction building, woodland work and farming.
  • Thanks to its special perforated mesh and high-quality material (lycra) it guarantees the endurance of your skin to breathe, limiting unwanted skin rashes.
  • High precision cuts for the 4 outlet holes for earphones and quick charging, transparent
  • PVC in order to touch the screen, laser welding for maximum versatility, comfort and durability.
  • Perfectly adapted to the arm no matter the size (big or small), thanks to its 44cm elastic.
  • You can guarantee a feeling of maximum protection of your device, always at the right point.
  • There is a pocket for credit cards and money and a back pocket for the insertion of a key (2.5x5.5 cm, the biggest of the collection) – easy to clean, wash it in cold water by hand – lifetime warranty.

Stay completely satisfied with your fitness progress and enhance your technical skills

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