SHOCK Case iPhone 7 / 7+

iPhone 7 7 Plus Crystal Clear Case


for a better PROTECTION

Introducing the

Shock Case series

for iPhone 7 and 7Plus

Protect your iPhone 7 7 Plus with an this ultra resistant case


If you happen to be one of the happy people who purchased the iPhone 7, you’re probably madly in love with this remarkable smartphone. You’re probably also looking for a way to protect your investment.


That’s why you need Case and More™’s Shock case, complete with a special anti-shock hybrid bumper. First, it will much-needed protection to your screen and the body of the phone by protecting it from scratches, abrasions, dirt, oil, and even shock damage. Second, it’s dirt and water resistant, meaning it won’t get all yucky in your pocket.

Look at some of the amazing features with this case:
• Case offers corner bumper with crystal clear hard back panel for dual protection.

• Compact size makes it lightweight, washable, and durable.

• Leave amazing clarity in the earpiece.

• Perfectly fits every iPhone 7/7Plus.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY BUMPER CASE. Life is too short to waste time trying to use a phone that is broken, cracked, or otherwise flawed. Material like TPU and Polycarbonate provide the case more sturdiness and durability. Stylish And compact. Protects and keeps it safe. Does what you buy it to do.


  • CRYSTAL CLEAR The back hard case is completely see thru and thus works well to see Apple logo and cutout holes in the right places as needed for photos etc… You can also choose to customize your iPhone case by inserting photos, stickers and more.


Total protection with a better and more enriching smartphone experience


  • PERFECTLY FITS The Case is light and fits the iPhone perfectly, maintains the design of the iPhone 7 and make the phone comfortable to carry in your pocket. Great fit, good grip not slippery.


  • BEST LIFETIME GUARANTEE The case will fit the Apple iPhone 7 4.7 inches - and 7 Plus 5.5 inches. The case come well packaged and quickly. Case&More warranty applies only to the authorized seller Case&More-Store; everyone else selling this product as 'New' is a fraud.


FAQ 1:  Is the back slippery or a bit grippy to the touch?

The edges are Polyurethane. It’s a perfect mixture of grippy (for holding) and slippery (for sliding in your pocket); it is less likely to slip than the aluminum phone case.

FAQ 2: Are buttons hard to push?

No they are not, all buttons are very easy to push.

FAQ 3: Does this case protect the camera lens, or would the lens touch the surface it's laid upon? 

There is a cutout for the camera lens. The case is thick and enough that the lens does not protrude out so it will not touch the surface you lay it on.

FAQ 4:  Is this case compatible with others tempered glass protector?

Yes, they all fit perfectly!

FAQ 5: Does the Finger ID work properly on iPhone after application of the case?

Yes, it does.