About Us

Hey, why not take a break and talk for a minute?

Andrea Roncolini in Las Vegas 2015

Hi, this is Andrea, owner at Case&More!
I founded Case&More not a lot time ago, and we love being international: I'm Italian, we’re based in France and we are selling worldwide, starting from the US marketplace and since 2016 also in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


We product case and phone accessories and sell them on line on Amazon. In 2015 we launched our first product, that is an all in one box that contains a hybrid bumper case and screen protector for iPhone 6, and then a Tempered Glass Screen Protector, two Luxe Series Cases and a selfie stick that we are proud of and that we called the Globe Stick.


I started this business because I saw the great opportunities that are coming in the online selling market. I love the fact that people can buy a product directly from their home or their device without turning in round to search the items. I love this simply way to shopping that allows you to find exactly, and that is a great thing, I repeat, exactly what you want. And also the fact that putting the customer in front of the seller the most of the time you have a lower price because of the shorter commercial channel.








I worked in so many different domains, most in the cultural field because I always loved to give people more sense in their life, and I thought that through arts and culture that could be one of the best way to add value to one’s life. I’m also a musician, I play since a long time ago, I never hit the professional way but I released something that I’m proud of. I’m a happy father of two and the new life that I started with my family changed me deeply, letting me know other sides and meanings in my everyday life. Now I feel really more compassion and more lovely with almost everyone I met. I will never end to thank my wife and my children to having pushed me in this great transformation and humanization of my self. It is at that moment that I realized that you can add more sense in people’s life just trying to do your best to help them to find the solution to the problem they have, even simply giving them the product they are exactly looking for.


So this is me and why I came to start this business; but I need you to make this business grow and get better… as you need me, because I really care about you as a customer. I want you get more when buying from us. More quality, more customer service, more follow up….That’s what I want as a customer when I buy something, and that’s exactly what I want to give to my company customers, the best and more.



If you want to do business with us, the next step is simple, look at our product, buy it, you can find the link here, and let us know what you thing about it, your opinion is crucial to us to improve our items and to perfect the way we want to build our company system. Go on our product page, buy our product and stay in contact with us, we’ll built a strong win-to-win relationship with you.